We organize Pedagogy of Simultaneity and Aesthetic Literacy workshops together with individual and organizational partners and collaborators.  These workshops are tailored to the needs of the participants, but are generally directed towards developing capacity for learners to make use of their own open environments. The workshops are ideally led over a course of days, or can be condensed into one-day events. The next workshop will be on 20th and 21st of February in Helsinki, Finland.

General Program

  1. Pre-workshop activity -an introduction to concepts of aesthetic literacy, perceptual sensitivity, and behavioral rhetorics.
  2. Offline workshop -demonstrations of aesthetic literacy, discussions about fieldwork and its role in learning in open space, pedagogical activities to activate this space.
  3. Post-workshop activity- an online space for workshop participants.


Pekka: ihanainenpekka(@gmail.)com or Michael: gallagher.michaelsean(@gmail.)com for more information.

Upcoming workshops

  1. Aesthetic Literacy workshop  on 15th of April 2015 included in conference. Language, Finnish. Facilitators, Pekka Ihanainen and Anne Rongas
  2. Aesthetic literacy workshop on 20th of February, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Language, English. Facilitators: Pekka Ihanaien and Michael Gallagher.

Past Workshops

Pedagogy of Simultaneity Workshop in Tallinn, Estonia (2013)

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